19 November, 2013

Jonesing on DIY Advent Calendars

When I was growing up Advent Calendars weren’t really a part of our Christmas traditions. I think I can only remember one year when we had one of the grocery store type ones with chocolate behind little flaps. I’m thinking maybe my aunt in Canada sent it down? But once I got more into the crafting world and started seeing them everywhere I totally loved the idea. Now with Kieran it makes even more sense to have one. I enjoy the building anticipation for him, especially since we don’t go heavy with the Santa Claus stuff.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do for ours this year. I have the actual calendar, which we used last year, but I’m still not sure what to put in the pockets.(Last year it was dinosaurs.)

Advent Calendar at Callaloo Soup

While searching for ideas I came across several simple and modern DIY advent calendars that I love, so I’m sharing them with you today while I keep brainstorming.


Clockwise from top left here they are:

Tree Advent Calendar from Persia Lou: Numbered pockets each containing a handmade ornament, to hang on the painted tree above. Alexis explains how she made the wooden calendar, and also how she altered some surprising trinkets to make them into ornaments.

Toilet Paper Tube Advent Calendar from Morning Creativity: I really love this one because it is made using mostly recyclables! Toiler paper tubes, cardboard, and brown paper. Erland also shares a list of gift ideas (for him & her!) to stash in each tube.

Modern Branch Advent Calendar from Sugar Lander: This project is a bit more involved, but I so love the result! Each ornament has a tag with a different activity leading up to the big day.

Upcycled Advent Calendar from Northstory: Another one using toilet paper tubes (start collecting now!) Alex made pillow style boxes from the tubes with candy (left over from Halloween!) in each. So so clever.

Ridiculously Easy DIY Advent Calendar from The Creek Line House: Courtenay used some scrap MDF and paper bags as the main elements of her DIY Advent Calendar. This is so simple and works so well!

Muslin Bag Advent Calendar at the marion house book: I am really into all things natural for the Holidays this year, so I really love this muslin bag version. Emma used a mix of ornaments and found objects to hang from each bag. Love it.

Geometric Advent Calendar by Madame Citron: It doesn’t get more modern than this one! The tutorial from comes with free templates so you can make your own. The blog is in French, so make sure to use Google translate. The main supplies for this one is paper!

Matchbox Advent Calendar from Morning Creativity: Another great and simple idea from Erland. Each box contains a treat. He even made the number stamps himself!

Wow. My head is whirling with ideas. I think I am leaning towards different ornaments to hang on a small tree. it will have to be done this weekend, so check back next week so see what I end up doing.

What’s your Advent Calendar this year?