22 March, 2015

Sunday Something | Let’s Groove


Did everyone survive the Vernal/Autumnal Equinox? Turns out we had more springlike weather here before it was officially Spring! Today we had to bundle up to go out to the flea market. What’s been happening in your world? Here are some fun, quirky and interesting things I came across this week.

You may not be doing all the good for the environment that you think you are. Read this.

These 14 pieces of advice aren’t just for graphic designers

Your body is your paintbrush

A behind the scenes peek from one of my all time favourite movies.

Ever wonder what catalog shopping was like in 1965?

Did you notice these clever details while reading Harry Potter?

This article made me think about parenting in another way. Plus turned me on to a movie I need to see.

I need to go dig out my photos from Japan after seeing this story.

I thought I was all gangsta with my table top shot, but nope.

With all the design work I’m doing lately this will come in very handy!

Here’s to another Manic Monday!