1 March, 2015

Sunday Something | Reaching for the Sky

Sunday Something - reach for the Sky - kitten in tree - Callaloo Soup

What good stuff have you come across lately? Here are some links I enjoyed this week.

I’m not really into the celebrity scene, and I usually miss award shows anyway because of the time difference, but I loved these stunning Oscar portraits by Mark Seliger

My homeland is making great strides in the chocolate industry.

These photos are just incredible!

I loved Sarah’s post about embracing her inner Samwise. Sarah and I are kindred spirits!

I can’t believe I haven’t watched this TED talk before.

Run to your kitchen and make this meal right now!

I like to….

My friend Judette is forty and fabulous!

This is a beautifully written article about knitting being a right, not a privilege. I’ll be reading this one over and over.

The holidays we celebrate are simply social constructs that we can choose to engage in, or not.

Here’s to the week ahead!