7 May, 2015

10 Guilty Pleasures

Magazines - 10 Guilty Pleasures - Callaloo Soup

10 Guilty Pleasures - Francine Clouden

Living simply doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in things that are frivolous or just downright bad for me. In fact, the simple living makes these guilty pleasures all the better! I’m confessing 10 of mine today, won’t you share some too?

1. Binge watching Glee. It’s so corny and cheesy, but oh so good! Even after it totally jumped the shark a couple of seasons ago. I get to sing along lustily, and pretend that I am indeed that great performer I’ve always secretly dreamed of being.

2. Macarons. I live in the world leader for these so nuff said.

3. Reading a good book until way too late at night. I know the next day will be tough, but I just can’t help it!

4. Washi tape. Yes, I’ve cut down on my crafting supplies, but I can’t resist a good washi!

5. Those ice-cream bars covered in chocolate and nuts that I adore. I just can’t help myself; if they are in the freezer, I guarantee you I’ll eat one a day. Luckily this only happens from May until September!

6. Pens & markers. As a planner freak and general stationery nerd, pens are my weakness. I want to have them in every colour and style! My friend Christine aka Listgirl, is also about to push me over the edge with starting on Copics too.

7. Shirley biscuits. These are my favourite snack from childhood. When I visit my homeland I stock up! And when my mum visits, she knows to bring me a big stash.  I mistakenly introduced Kieran to them, and now I have to share!

8. Yarn. Sigh. Totally in the collecting phase for this right now.

10 Guilty Pleasures - Yarn - Francine Clouden

9. Beautiful and inspiring magazines. I try to keep this one to only a monthly treat. I think I should just go ahead and subscribe to my favourite two!

10. Toasted brioche slathered in butter.  This is a major weakness, but it’s comfort food at its most simple. Sometimes you just need that.

Now it’s your turn! What are some of your guilty pleasures?





P.S. In French a guilty pleasure is known as a péché mignon, which literally translates as a “cute sin”.