2 June, 2015


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It’s been over a month since we got the veggie garden in, so I thought it was time for an update! We’ve had pretty good weather since then; some rain, but lots of sunny days, just perfect. Things are popping up and growing everywhere. In fact compared to last year we seem to be ahead. Above are two photos from April 21st, and here’s what the garden looks like today.

The Garden in June at Callaloo Soup -3


The Garden in June at Callaloo Soup -2


We’ve already eaten some radishes, and we have tiny little baby tomatoes! I don’t have a photo, but we’re also picking strawberries just about everyday, and a few raspberries too.


The Garden in June at Callaloo Soup -4


This raised bed above is where Lucas is doing some gardening “experiments”. Don’t ask…… I’m planning to sneak in some lettuce plants there though. I haven’t had much luck with the lettuce I planted in the main garden, I’m not sure why! I’m trying to keep track of everything in my home planner, using garden planner inserts from Printably.

Garden Planner at Callaloo Soup -1

I make a sketch of the potager each year, so we have a reference for rotating crops, and seeing which plants do better where.

So, how is your garden growing?




P.S. I use the hashtag #inmygarden when sharing garden photos on Instagram. Check it out to see beautiful garden photos from around the world.

  • Ali

    Having a garden like this seems so dreamy to me right now! We’ve got a little patio/balcony where we keep herbs in pots and sometimes flowers, but I’d love to have some raised beds and some veggies. Thanks for sharing!

    • We lived in apartments for years, some without balconies, so I understand! We actually managed to grow cherry tomatoes on our windowsill one year. lol

      Thanks for stopping by Ali!