5 April, 2016

Let Your Light Shine

Tulips Emerging at Callaloo Soup

I have beautifully blooming tulips in my garden now, and even my peony bushes have buds, a promise of soon to arrive splendour.

Spring is emerging and showing her face, at least in these parts. And even if you may have recently had a snowfall, I bet you are still seeing encouraging signs of the season changing.

In the southern hemisphere, you might be rejoicing that temperatures are falling, and that the once parched landscape is reviving itself.

Are you ready to emerge? To “come forth into view or notice as from concealment or obscurity”? To let your light shine?

It’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you happen to be an introvert, or worse, a shy introvert like myself. Before I even understood about my introversion, I knew as a young adult that I couldn’t keep on hiding. One of the best things I ever did at that time was to get over my fear of public speaking.

It was hard! Luckily, at the time I was enrolled in a program to help, but it took a few years of practice and affirmation to fully get over that fear. As my chosen career at the time turned out to be one where I needed to deliver training and presentations, I’m very glad that I took what for me was a gigantic leap.

So while I might still shudder at the thought of meeting new people, or even avoid running into casual acquaintances and being forced to make small talk, if you give me a topic I’m passionate about, and enough time to prepare, I can rock it out on stage!

Another way I make sure that I am showing up and radiating (my word for the year), is via this very blog, my newsletter, and social media. I love that I’m totally in control. I can engage on my terms, I have time to craft what I want to say, and there are very few surprises.

How are you emerging and sharing your passions right now?