17 May, 2016

5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram

I love looking at pretty pictures in my Instagram feed (who doesn’t?), and some of the most beautiful feeds are those of artists. Whether they are posting artwork, works-in-progress, or scenes in their studios, it’s all super aesthetic!

Since falling down the art rabbit hole in recent months, I’ve been following more and more artists for inspiration or just eye candy. Here are five of my favourites.

5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram -Lisa Congdon I have to start with Lisa Congdon. I’ve been a fangirl for a while now, inspired by the fact that she only started her career as an artist in her late thirties. Plus she is self taught and has never attended art school! I love her fun, whimsical and casual style, and her class at CreativeBug really got me going this year. I’m now working my way through her book 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip. It’s such fun!  Follow her here.

5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram - Elle LunaI discovered Elle Luna last year thanks to The 100 Day Project. I totally flaked on it, but I am doing it again this year, and am 28 days in without missing a day! I love Elle’s organic style, and devoured her book The Crossroads of Should & Must. Follow her here

5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram - Emily Jeffords

I don’t remember how I found Emily Jeffords, probably through a suggestion from Instagram. I am in love with her pastel coloured artwork, and I constantly drool over he close up shots of her paint strokes. Follow her here.

5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram - Stella Maria Baer

Stella Maria Baer’s southwest coloured art and feed has me traveling back to Arizona through my phone. I love all her painted moons, and her feed is so dreamy, and just makes me happy to look at. Follow her here.

5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram -

Anna Rifle Bond’s feed is just bursting with florals and is always a bright spot in my day. She’s the founder of Rifle Paper Co. but her illustrations adorn way more than just paper. her drawings seem to have a slight tropical vibe, which is probably why I love them. Follow her here.

What artists do you follow on Instagram? Drop their profiles in the comments below!





5 Inspiring Artists to Follow on Instagram
  • Thanks for the inspiring suggestions! I just joined Instagram, so this is perfect timing.

    • Welcome to Instagram! It’s my favourite app! 🙂

  • Kellie MacMillan

    I saw this in my inbox from you this morning! What a beautiful selection of artists and I’m looking forward to following them. Most of the accounts I follow are food related, you know the appeal of food porn? Quite addictive.
    Kellie from Princess & The Yard Ape

    • I do know the appeal of food porn! I don;t follow too many food accounts else I’ll be hungry all day. The artists just make me want to paint all day instead. LOL Am I following you? What’s your handle?

  • Very nice artists here, i looove Stella’s work!