8 November, 2016

August, September and October

Life has been crazy around here. I’ve been busy working on my business, mainly the printables download shop, as the printable membership site. But in other more personal news, here’s what’s been happening.

new house

We bought a house! This has been the overwhelming thing in our lives right now. We’re doing renovations, and its been all consuming. We move in about a month, and the inside still looks like a construction site. Ack! So here’s a view of the backyard.

Backyard of new house

We’re very very excited!

School started back

First Day of School

And we’ve already had Fall break. Our weather has been a mix of grey rainy days, and glorious warm ones

Fall Day in Ardeche, France

it’s all about packing boxes and finishing the renovations right now. I’m also really looking forward to the Holiday season too! It will be super simple this year, what with everything else going on, but I can’t wait to celebrate my favourite holiday of them all!

What’s been going on with you?