8 February, 2018

Free Printable Book Plates for Book Giving Day

February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, it’s also a day for another kind of lover: book lovers! It’s World Book Giving Day, so if you’re not one that’s into the typical  hearts and roses, maybe you still have some time to grab a book to gift to a special someone.

In that vein, I am gifting you all some free printable book plates!


This is a printable PDF download on a letter sized sheet. You can print on white paper or even better sticker paper.

Once cut out, just add the name and stick to your books!

This is the book my son is getting for Book Giving Day. He’s been asking me for books about cats lately. He likes space too so hopefully he’ll find this fun!

These bookplates work for anyone though, so print out a bunch!

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