23 January, 2019

on reading

Book lists and reading challenges in bullet journal

i had an abysmal year of reading last year. according to Goodreads my grand total was 13 books read! the majority of those were for my online book club, thank goodness for that, else it might have been less. i blame Netflix, i got way too sucked into TV last year, and when I was tired at night it was just easier to watch a screen mindlessly than read.

but not this year! i haven’t even signed into Netflix for about two weeks now, even though I am aware that two of my favourite series are back (Grace & Frankie, and Friends from College in case you’re wondering). because of this I have already finished three books this month, and should have a grand total of five read by the 31st. this is an average that i need to keep up, in order to meet my goal of 60 books for the year.

i found this reading quiz, which predicted that if i were to read an hour a day i would definitely hit my goal, so i am quite motivated to know i can do this! you should try it out, it was quite a hit with book club members too.

how is your year of reading shaping up?