22 April, 2019

a romp

i wore a romper today for the first time in years. i think they are really cute, but i always consider the bathroom question, and decide against them.

this one ended up in my wardrobe by mistake. i grabbed it while rifling quickly through a thrift store rack, thinking it was a summer dress. i loved the fabric pattern, and as i am wont to do, didn’t try it on, it looked like it would fit. (one of my super powers is telling if something will fit me or not. i am rarely wrong)

i discovered it was a romper when i got home and groaned. but i love the fabric pattern so i held on to it.

it was warm enough to wear it today, and i have to say i felt super cute. but the bathroom considerations remain, so i probably won’t wear it very often.

but it’s cute, right?