has anyone seen the other side of these earrings? just asking on the off chance. since lost socks turn up again as extra container lids, maybe lost earrings turn up somewhere too? i wonder what they would turn up as? butterflies? uniorns? a ray of sunshine? a pretty pink flower? […]

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flowers everywhere

so excited to start work on my flower garden again! we went plant shopping today, and it’s one of my favourite days of the entire year. this is just one of the many greenhouses at our favourite plant nursery. there were two i didn’t even get a chance to go […]

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walking and chewing gum at the same time

i watched horrified as the fire raged through Notre Dame on monday night. i’m not religious, though raised a catholic, and while i have lit candles there for late family members, my sadness had nothing to do with it being a church. if you ever visited the cathedral, you’d know […]

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june 2017

my last trip to paris was to an author event at shakespeare and company. just across the way we could see Notre Dame. so terribly saddened by the disastrous fire last night.

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cats, cats, cats

(don’t say i didn’t warn you). these two furry monsters are everywhere. they love sunspots, and comfy nooks and crannies. they also beg shamelessly for hugs and kisses. they are my furry purry companions. the house would seem empty without them!

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self-fulfilling prophesy

i posted this on facebook on sunday, because i knew i had a busy week ahead, and won’t you know it, it’s tuesday, and i am already fried. maybe i should look for more positive, encouraging memes? but the sarcastic ones are so much fun! do you like memes? i […]

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