between the pages of books

i mentioned being determined to read more this year, and one month in i am definitely doing that and hit my target of five books read. how you ask? by being more mindful and doing the following things watching less TV, Netflix specifically. i know this was my downfall last […]

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What Should We Read in March?

Hello fellow readers! Now that the Sister Reads Book Club is up and live, it’s time to decide on our first book! I’ve come up with three possibilities that I’ll ask you to vote on. I’ll keep the vote open until Thursday, and announce the chosen book on Friday March […]

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To New Release or Not? | In Books and Reading

Today we welcome Deirdre from Brown Girl Reading for a post about one of our favourite things: books! Deirdre is an avid reader, book reviewer and YouTuber. We “met” a few years ago during a blog hop for expatriates living in France, and bonded over our common stories and love […]

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