10 Signs It’s Christmas in the West Indies

I grew up on a couple of small islands in the blue Caribbean sea. For us the signs of Christmas didn’t involve snow or frost (although we all did lustily sing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”). There were some very specific things […]

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In Dark December | A Christmas Imperative

  In Dark December by Ralph Murre Whatever you believe, whatever you do not, there are sacred rites you must perform in dark December. Do this for me: Pull together the kitchen table, the folding table, and that odd half-oval usually covered with bills and broken pencils and red ink. […]

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Creative Gift Ideas from Blurb Books

Create Something One Of A Kind with Blurb (Affliate links are included for your shopping convenience. Save 30% on Blurb's Print Books with code: SAVE30 valid through 11/30) People love getting really creative, one-of-a-kind books for Christmas. Books that elicit a “where did you find this?” response. As the leading […]

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Jonesing on DIY Advent Calendars

When I was growing up Advent Calendars weren’t really a part of our Christmas traditions. I think I can only remember one year when we had one of the grocery store type ones with chocolate behind little flaps. I’m thinking maybe my aunt in Canada sent it down? But once […]

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