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Introducing Rainbow

We have a new family member and she is a sweetie! Meet Rainbow, Blue’s little sister! They are at least half-siblings, with the same mother, and given their colouring we suspect they might even be full brother and sister. This little darling is a scrappy little thing, and has been […]

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  It’s been over a month since we got the veggie garden in, so I thought it was time for an update! We’ve had pretty good weather since then; some rain, but lots of sunny days, just perfect. Things are popping up and growing everywhere. In fact compared to last […]

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Family Adventure | We Went on a Holiday

We spent the long weekend in the middle of May chilling on the Costa Brava in Spain. It was glorious, albeit a bit windy. Here are a few highlights from the trip. Costa Brava Family Vacation 2015 from Francine Clouden on Vimeo Music: Holiday Rap by MC Miker G & […]

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Around Here…

We had a birthday party. I am trying my hand at weaving. My favourite quinoa salad has been heavily in rotation lately. Kieran has a new desk and creative space   Doodling. Fresh salads are my favourite thing to eat right now! What’s happening around where you are?

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10 Guilty Pleasures

Magazines - 10 Guilty Pleasures - Callaloo Soup

Living simply doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in things that are frivolous or just downright bad for me. In fact, the simple living makes these guilty pleasures all the better! I’m confessing 10 of mine today, won’t you share some too? 1. Binge watching Glee. It’s so corny and cheesy, […]

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Everyday Adventures as a Family

We just got done with a week of family vacation. We didn’t go anywhere, but we had a fabulous staycation. The weather cooperated, and we were treated to some seriously glorious spring days. Some even felt like summer. On the home front, we worked hard, all three of us, and […]

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