My Life

28 Hours in Lyon

  LunchMenu planningDrawingTractorsPlumGood friendsPuff pastryPiesCookiesHungry HipposDumplingsWineLittle boys playingLots of catching upLaughterVery late bedtimesSleepoverSharing dou dousCoffeePancakesFamilyMusicBirthdayFlowersFive coursesChampagneLots of candlesMusicFuture Plans How was your weekend?

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Reflecting and Resetting

It's June 3rd, and my desk calendar is still showing April. The month of May went by in a blur of holidays, weekend trips, way too much rain and 10 or so days of illness. It's time for me to sit quietly for a bit, and reflect and reset my […]

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A Weekend in Lyon

We just celebrated a super long weekend in France. Both Kieran and Lucas were off from Wednesday until Sunday! We spent Wednesday at home working in the garden and doing other household projects, then headed into Lyon on Thursday to spend the weekend visiting friends. That's Lucy in her teaching […]

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En mai fais ce qui te plaît | Welcome May

Happy May Day! In France there's an expression En avril Ne te découvre pas d'un fil En mai Fais ce qu'il te plaît which basically means that in April you shouldn't pack away the winter clothes yet (literally don't remove even one thread from your clothes), but in May you […]

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You’ve wanted to be in the kitchen with Papa when he’s cooking, so we set you up in your highchair with something to keep you occupied. A few days ago you were happy to sit and play with silicon baking cups and some water. You are really into playing with […]

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