This and That

August, September and October

Life has been crazy around here. I’ve been busy working on my business, mainly the printables download shop, as the printable membership site. But in other more personal news, here’s what’s been happening. We bought a house! This has been the overwhelming thing in our lives right now. We’re doing […]

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Let’s Get Caught Up Shall We?

Hello friends, How have you been? I feel like it’s been a while since I shared real life stuff with you! Here’s some of what’s been going on around here lately. We managed to get in some sledding even given our super warm winter. You can see there wasn’t much […]

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Let Your Light Shine

Tulips Emerging at Callaloo Soup

I have beautifully blooming tulips in my garden now, and even my peony bushes have buds, a promise of soon to arrive splendour. Spring is emerging and showing her face, at least in these parts. And even if you may have recently had a snowfall, I bet you are still […]

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My Sorta Summer Bucket List

Listers Gotta List Challenge I’m not really into bucket lists of activities for periods like the holidays or summer. Knowing me, it would just stress me out, because I’d be thinking “yet another check list to complete!”. I also firmly believe that summer should be a slow paced time of […]

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Introducing Rainbow

We have a new family member and she is a sweetie! Meet Rainbow, Blue’s little sister! They are at least half-siblings, with the same mother, and given their colouring we suspect they might even be full brother and sister. This little darling is a scrappy little thing, and has been […]

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Around Here…

We had a birthday party. I am trying my hand at weaving. My favourite quinoa salad has been heavily in rotation lately. Kieran has a new desk and creative space   Doodling. Fresh salads are my favourite thing to eat right now! What’s happening around where you are?

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10 Guilty Pleasures

Magazines - 10 Guilty Pleasures - Callaloo Soup

Living simply doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in things that are frivolous or just downright bad for me. In fact, the simple living makes these guilty pleasures all the better! I’m confessing 10 of mine today, won’t you share some too? 1. Binge watching Glee. It’s so corny and cheesy, […]

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