The Monday Mix

A not entirely serious start to the week with some fun things I’ve come across online. I need to add this recipe to the meal plan rotation. If you like riffs on Harry Potter you’ll love this. Mmmmmmm! Christmas Morning Punch!  I really really want to try making one of […]

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You Are Enough | A Meditation

Yes you are. You are enough. Despite all the messages society and the internet are sending (5 Mistakes you’re making – You’re Doing it Wrong etc.) You’re good right where you are right now. How many times do we ask ourselves “Did I do enough today” “Am I learning enough?” […]

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A Slow Start to the New Year

It’s January fifth, and I am still easing into 2016. I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day in a bit of a haze, just pottering around the house enjoying not doing anything in particular. I had (and still have) an impossibly long list of things to tackle […]

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My 5 Intentions for a Meaningful Christmas

After posting about ways to have a slow Christmas last year, this year I am way ahead of the game and not panicking at all. In fact here’s a list of things currently running through my mind: It’s November 24th and I am completely calm about the Christmas season ahead. […]

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Life is Better When You’re Having Fun

Going through the archives of my old blog, I came upon something I absolutely adored back in 2006 – The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun from BoxofCrayons. It started out as a flash movie, but now it’s up on YouTube. It is as relevant today as it was back then, […]

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Let’s Talk About Apps, Baby!

I’m a technophile. I love how technology can help make our lives simpler. My desktop computer is my lifeline for my business: this blog, my Etsy shops and more. I love that I can carry in the palm of my hand a device that helps me connect, organise, work-out, take […]

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