Watch Your Garden Grow Garden Planning and Journaling Pages" />

Watch Your Garden Grow Garden Planning and Journaling Pages

Get moving on your garden, and stay up to date with this combo printable garden planner and journal.

First decide what you’re going to plan and where. The printable garden planner is categorized into vegetables, flowers and herbs, and includes a column for deciding if you will plant seed or buy seedlings from a nursery. To the right you can make a sketch of your garden layout!

Once you get going keep track of all your activities: did you start seeds today? When exactly did you put in those tomato seedlings?

The printables come ready to print in a double spread on A4 paper, but you can also resize them in your printer fittings to print on letter. Then just cut in half and add to your planner or bullet journal.

You’ll get a zip file with both printable PDFs included. print on your favorite printer paper, or on smooth cardstock for a more sturdy version. You can even laminate these to make them re-usable.

To see how to make them into a booklet click here.