Francine’s Story

My name is Francine {never Fran, or Franny :)} and  Callaloo Soup is named after a traditional soup from my homeland Grenada.

When I landed in France at the end of 2003, I came bearing two degrees: a BSc. Civil Engineering and an MBA, and 10 years work experience. I quickly discovered that the majority of that was worthless as far as finding traditional employment was concerned.  For one, I didn’t speak the language, and secondly my Bachelor’s Degree wasn’t accredited. While reeling from the shock of these discoveries, I worked on eliminating the language barrier. In the meantime I rediscovered my love for scrapbooking and all things craft, and I also discovered les puces, les brocantes et les vide greniers: the flea markets, second hand shops and garage sales.

French Flea Market - Callaloo Soup



Since then I have been steadily collecting vintage and modern pieces for our home. As I delved further into my love for scrapbooking and all things paper, I found that my technical and academic background lent itself to working with Photoshop and other design software. My Project Management and business courses in the past helped me to structure my business. I pretty much inhaled any online courses I could find in graphic design, photo editing and building websites. I channeled my love for all, combined with my tech savvy into my two business: Callaloo Soup Vintage and Callaloo Soup Designs. They were later joined by Printably, my membership program for people who love printables.

Callaloo Soup - Work Table

I love DIY home decor projects, making and sewing toys and clothing for my 6 year old son, scrapbooking,  everything to do with photography, and I have taken up knitting and crochet again.   I love making graphics too, for printables, blog design, and planning worksheets.

I am a nerd. I love words. I have been a collector of quotations since I was a teen. I make sure I have a book with me wherever I go, and these days I am just as likely to read on a Kindle as I am a real book.

Callaloo Soup - Pin board

My innate nerdiness means that I will research absolutely everything about a potential project or item before putting it out there. Math and science rock my world too, so you can be sure my measurements and instructions are spot on. I love blending stories with facts when I list vintage items for sale, not one item goes up without me attempting to learn everything I can about it!

Join me and adventure together with slow living, scrapbooking, home decor, books and more.

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