If you are trying to be creative in a way that fits your lifestyle and values, without being overwhelmed, or having clutter take over your life and your home, you’re in the right place! You couldn’t care less about the latest trends or fancy machines, you just want to feel creatively fulfilled, and to make useful but beautiful things.
Callaloo Soup & The Organised Crafterbrain are here to inspire women like you to craft a simply beautiful life that you and your family will love. If you struggle to find the time for making things, or reading books, or feel like you never get to finish anything, my tired and true techniques will get you started on your way.
I’m Francine, and after over 12 years in the paper crafts and general crafts industry, I have been able to cut out the superfluous, and fuse my innate creativity with my detail oriented approach to use simple supplies to make things I love. I once had lots of time for crafting, but that all changed once I had my son. Add to that a part-time job, and building a business online, and I felt like I was never getting anything done! I wanted to be able to spend time doing what I loved for me, and also be able to gift wonderful handmade gifts to friends and family.
After trying just about every system out there I finally hit upon the perfect combination of bullet journaling, mindfulness, intention, and organisation, that allowed me to to just that.
I can help you do this too with simple and adaptable tutorials, classes, project inspirations, thoughts and resources on creativity, and printable and digital solutions that you can use with technology you already have and know. Plus ways to not leave other hobbies, like reading, behind, Because yes, there’s a book club too!
I can’t wait to hang out with you!




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