About Francine and Callaloo Soup

Welcome! My name is Francine {never Fran, or Franny :)} and my blog /business is called Callaloo Soup after a traditional soup from my homeland Grenada.   When I landed in France at the end of 2003, I came bearing two degrees: a BSc. Civil Engineering and an MBA, and 10 years work experience. I […]

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Blogs and Websites I Love

Pull up a chair and grab a beverage. Here is where you will find links to many of the blogs that I adore. The Always Inspiring list is a compilation of a variety of blogs I have adored from day one. The other lists are those people that I am lucky enough to be associated […]

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You’ve wanted to be in the kitchen with Papa when he’s cooking, so we set you up in your highchair with something to keep you occupied. A few days ago you were happy to sit and play with silicon baking cups and some water. You are really into playing with water now, pouring it, filling […]

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