10 photos from today

i had a very busy and creative day! i worked on christmas decor and handmade gifts, and also intangible things on the computer. tuesdays are my days that are my own, and i love them. i’m getting much better at making them days where i feel fulfilled (i used to spend them just sleeping at […]

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my 2019 book log

it doesn’t look like i will be meeting my goal of 60 books for 2019, and that’s okay. i’m currently at 38, which is already three times as many as i read last year. i would like to hit 50, but that would mean reading 12 books this month, and with everything else going on…… […]

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dj kieran in da house!

DJ Kieran

kieran loves music. as soon as he gets home from school, the first thing he does is put music on to play. we have a family subscription with deezer, which means he gets to have his own profile, and listen to whatever he pleases. luckily he has good taste, and since we make sure to […]

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a week of instantpot meals

InstantPot Duo

we’ve had an instantpot for about three years now, and believe me it is worth all the hype you may have heard about it. it’s one of our most used appliances, it’s in service at least a couple times a week. so i thought i’d share seven of our favourite meals with you, so you’d […]

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scenes from fall break

we had a pretty quiet two weeks off at the end of October. sadly it rained a lot, so we didn’t do anything very exciting. we did spend a few days, including Halloween, in Lyon with friends and family. here’s what that looked like. How is autumn going for you?

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44 books i want to read

Y’all my TBR list is out of control! I still need to read 27 books by year end to meet my challenge goal, so I’ll definitely be making a dent in it, but seriously! It’s like I add new ones every day. Here’s what’s currently on my list in my bullet journal. (All the titles […]

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our summer vacation was epic

the just over two weeks we spent in the US in august were amazing! the time was definitely too short, but we packed a lot in. We hung out with family made new friends visited new york, baltimore and boston found time for bookish pursuits and ate tons of good food!

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Entre les Lignes

For the fourth (or possibly fifth) year in a row we thoroughly enjoyed the annual street art walk Les Ephemeres. This year the theme was Entre les Lignes (Between the Lines), and as usual there were many clever interpretations. We started by being wowed by acrobats Then we strolled through the streets of the vieux […]

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