23 March, 2018


This past Saturday, the CPM, the music school and association where Kieran takes his drumming lessons, held its Spring Recital. While the recital takes place at 4 pm, since Lucas is on the committee, and as I’m sure you know how small associations work things tend to be kind of last minutt, a recital usually means that a good portion of our day is taken up with CPM matters.

Lucas left early in the morning to help set up the performance hall  – it takes an awful lot of instruments and equipment to pull this off –  and Kieran also had a last minute (!) rehearsal at 11:30. To be honest the quality of the performances is not very high, and can even be cringe worthy sometimes, but all the students, from the youngest to the most experienced put their best foot forward, and it can be quite enjoyable.

Of course it is always awesome to see Kieran on stage, and he loves to sing in the choir. He also never seems to have stage fright! I can learn a lot from him. Lucas also played as part of the Jazz Workshop (have I mentioned that he plays the saxophone?)

I think that my favourite part of these recitals is seeing how the students have progressed (this is our fourth year being members). Kieran’s best bud has been taking harmonica for two years, and he opened the show (accompanied by his teacher on guitar), with a fantastic performance of Oh Susanna, My Darling Clementine, and When the Saints. We were all singing along and tapping our feet! He doesn’t seem to know what stage fright is either.

Another thing that happens at each recital is that I get the urge to take up music again. I took piano as a child many many moons ago, and I think I might want to try it again. I’d love for us to eventually have a piano at home anyway. Being in that environment gave me a real hankering….. I wonder if I will remember anything I learned before? Hmmm, we’ll see!

Is anyone in your family musical?