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today was a saturday unlike the norm. my son wanted me to come to his football match in the afternoon, so i had to reorganise my day. usually i don’t leave the house on Saturdays – my husband does the grocery shopping – so i spend it at home dong […]

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i was sure that i would finish these two pieces over summer, but alas, i didn’t pick up either one. i spent most of august sleeping in, eating, spending time with friends and family, taking naps and reading. it was pretty perfect, i don’t regret a thing! but i’m feeling […]

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so tasty

i go through periods where i am mildly obsessed with avocado, and eat it almost daily. I am totally in that period right now, especially as we have happened to come across a really good source. this might seem odd to you, but since all avocadoes are imported into france, […]

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