44 books i want to read

Y’all my TBR list is out of control! I still need to read 27 books by year end to meet my challenge goal, so I’ll definitely be making a dent in it, but seriously! It’s like I add new ones every day. Here’s what’s currently on my list in my […]

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this is a place holder

i used to love writing book reviews on here (even if they were just short synopses), but i fell out of the habit about a year ago. i really want to get back to doing that, and to jump start that process I am posting a list of all the […]

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between the pages of books

i mentioned being determined to read more this year, and one month in i am definitely doing that and hit my target of five books read. how you ask? by being more mindful and doing the following things watching less TV, Netflix specifically. i know this was my downfall last […]

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on reading

Book lists and reading challenges in bullet journal

i had an abysmal year of reading last year. according to Goodreads my grand total was 13 books read! the majority of those were for my online book club, thank goodness for that, else it might have been less. i blame Netflix, i got way too sucked into TV last […]

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Free Printable Book Plates for Book Giving Day

February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, it’s also a day for another kind of lover: book lovers! It’s World Book Giving Day, so if you’re not one that’s into the typical  hearts and roses, maybe you still have some time to grab a book to gift to a special […]

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