june 2017

my last trip to paris was to an author event at shakespeare and company. just across the way we could see Notre Dame. so terribly saddened by the disastrous fire last night.

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This past Saturday, the CPM, the music school and association where Kieran takes his drumming lessons, held its Spring Recital. While the recital takes place at 4 pm, since Lucas is on the committee, and as I’m sure you know how small associations work things tend to be kind of […]

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Seen on the Way Home

My year was off to a quite crummy start. I was laid out flat with the flu for about two weeks. I’m all better now, but it seems like I am already scrambling to get “caught up”. So moments like this when I can just pause, and enjoy beauty are […]

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Five Meals You Have to Try

Last night I made what has become one of our very favourite chicken dishes ever: Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs.  I follow Bon Apetit on Facebook, and thanks to them have discovered some wonderful meals to add to our usual rotation. The best things about this one is that it is […]

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Everyday Adventures as a Family

We just got done with a week of family vacation. We didn’t go anywhere, but we had a fabulous staycation. The weather cooperated, and we were treated to some seriously glorious spring days. Some even felt like summer. On the home front, we worked hard, all three of us, and […]

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Different “Yous” & Other French Particularities

French Grammar Books and Dictionaries

This post originally appeared on my first blog in 2006 One of the things in French that I still struggle with is the utilisation of the polite and familiar “you”. Luckily having learnt Spanish before I was familiar with the general idea: there is one way to say “you” to […]

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Welcome Spring!

My apologies to those of you who may still be battling freezing temperatures and are surrounded by snow banks, but Spring is in the air over here. How do I know? We celebrated the local Carnival   Things are shooting up all over the garden   Kieran took his first […]

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