5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

1. Introducing Kieran to Where the Wild Things Are last night, and watching him enjoy today's Google Doodle to celebrate Maurice Sendak's 85th birthday 2. Taking a walk hand in hand with Kieran around the garden, and talking about all the plants that are growing. 3. Noticing that my Russian […]

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About Francine and Callaloo Soup

Welcome! My name is Francine {never Fran, or Franny :)} and my blog /business is called Callaloo Soup after a traditional soup from my homeland Grenada.   When I landed in France at the end of 2003, I came bearing two degrees: a BSc. Civil Engineering and an MBA, and […]

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Blogs and Websites I Love

Pull up a chair and grab a beverage. Here is where you will find links to many of the blogs that I adore. The Always Inspiring list is a compilation of a variety of blogs I have adored from day one. The other lists are those people that I am […]

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What is Callaloo Soup?

Just over eight years ago, I started on this blogging adventure, not having a clue where it would lead me. I wasn’t sure how long I would keep on blogging, and I can’t believe how quickly these years have passed. I like to think that writing this blog has not […]

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