30 Days of Creative Simplicity

30 Days of Creative Simplicity at Callaloo Soup

Do you ever feel sometimes that getting creative has become too complicated? That it seems to involve a massive amount of time and supplies, not to mention money? I say Pi-shaw (yes, that’s a word), to that! Being creative can be really simple, and living simply can be very creative!

Get in tune with your Creative Simplicity in April with the #30daysofcreativesimplicity challenge. Follow this list of simply creative activities for a month, and re-start that creative spark, while discovering activities you can add to your daily routine.

These should all take 15 minutes or less, but feel free to continue for longer if you have more time available. Do them in order, or mix them up as suits your lifestyle and schedule.

The fun starts April 1st!  Share how you complete each activity in the Creative Simplicity Group. There will be a thread available for each day. We’ll also be playing on Instagram, so you can take a photo of how you interpreted the prompt, and post with the hashtag #30daysofcreativesimplicity.

All you need to do to join in is comment below to let me know you’re playing, join the group on Facebook, and leave your Instagram user name if you plan to post there.


Day 1. Do Some Journaling

Whether it be just morning pages right after waking up, writing about your day before bed, or playing in your art journal. I’ve started using a notebook to doodle and journal about my day, and it helps me with the flow of things. If you need some journaling inspiration I really love Karen’s approach.

Day 2. Go For A Walk

Walking is a great activity to help you quiet the mind and get back in tune with yourself. Clear out your head, and even get some fresh ideas!

Day 3. Do Some Colouring

It’s not just all the rage, it’s fun and beneficial! Grab a free page from Printably here, or check out this free download from Michaels stores.  I use Prismacolor pencils to colour.

Day 4. Doodle

All you need for this is some paper and pencil. Make free form shapes, or actual objects. I fell in love with drawing this year after doing the 31 Days of Drawing Challenge with Lisa Congdon in January. I highly recommend that class!

Day 5. Make a “I Did It” List

Forget what you didn’t get done today. What did you accomplish? Before going to bed make a list of everything, yes everything, you did today. You’ll feel tons better!

Day 6. Light a Scented Candle

And just sit there enjoying the peace and silence.

Day 7. Declutter Your Desk

Clutter clogs up our creativity. Take 15 minutes to clear off your desk or another cluttered surface.

Day 8. Have a Dance party

Just boogie! Put on your favourite tunes and dance it out!

Day 9. Write the Story of Your Day

What happened today? Get your favourite notebook and record the story of your day.

Day 10. Stare at the Sky

Do some day dreaming, and see what shapes the clouds are making.

Day 11. Print out a Favourite Photo

Most of us don’t do this anymore. Print out a favourite photo and find a way to display it in your home or office.

Day 12. Arrange Flowers in a Vase

Wildflowers and grocery store bouquets will do! If you can’t get your hand on fresh flowers, check out this link.

Day 13. Go Foraging

Wherever you live you can forage. head out and see what treasures you can bring back. Yes, even if you;re in a city center or urban area!

Day 14. Build an Altar

Dedicate a small space in your home for an “altar”, a place where you can display things that are meaningful to you. These include favourite photos, flowers, tarot cards, candles, semi-precious stones, crystals, it’s entirely up to you.

Day 15. Decorate With Books

Use your books as decor by arranging them in stacks, or organising them by colour or pattern on your shelves. Get some ideas here.

Day 16. Ice-cream- Nuff Said

Seriously, just grab a bowl and indulge.

Day 17. Decorate With Washi Tape

Washi is incredibly versatile and you can use it to spruce up pretty much anything. Check out my simple tutorial here.

Day 18. Send a card to a friend.

Find or make a pretty greeting card, write a cheery note, and pop it in the mail to a friend.

Day 19. Make a Mug Cake

Om, nom nom! Mug cakes are perfect just for one. Chocolate lovers, try this recipe. More into vanilla? I’ve got you covered.

Day 20. Collage

Before you freak out let me calm your fears by explaining that collage comes from the French coller which simply means “to stick”. Cut up some patterned papers, or old book pages, or even your annoying junk mail. Now stick the pieces into your notebook, or a sheet of copy paper. There.

Day 21. Hand Lettering

Choose a word or phrase and hand letter it. Try this tutorial if you need some help.

Day 22. Treat Yourself

Today, it’s up to you to choose a way to treat yourself.

Day 23. Try Origami

Make some stars, leaves or a gift box

Day 24. Layer Up

Get out your collage from Day 20 and add some layers with paint or ink drawing.

Day 25. Play With Watercolours

This is something else I have gotten into lately. You don’t have to do landscapes. Just play! I’ve been following this class.

Day 26. White Space

Completely clear a wall or a shelf. Completely. And leave it empty. After some time you can add back one object. Enjoy the white space.

Day 27. Meditate

Yeah I know, but do it anyway. Check out this read for pointers. Or try an app.

Day 28. Screen Free Day

Yes, you read that right. Put down your phone, turn off your computer and do some of the other things on the list instead. Yeah, it’s an entire day not 15 minutes. Do it anyway. (You can obviously use screens if you need them for work. Or just take the day off!)

Day 29. Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal. Spend 15 minutes writing down everything you’re grateful for today. Form now on write at least one thing in the journal every day.

Day 30. Make a Handmade Gift

This one will probably take longer than 15 minutes, which is why it’s on Day 30. Looking for some ideas? Click here, here or here.

We start April 1st! Comment below to let me know you’re playing, and leave your Instagram user name if you plan to post there.

Get the complete list on a printable PDF here

Or save the graphic with all the prompts below.

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30 Days of Creative Simplicity at Callaloo Soup - find your creative spark