22 June, 2008

What is Callaloo Soup?

Just over eight years ago, I started on this blogging adventure, not having a clue where it would lead me. I wasn’t sure how long I would keep on blogging, and I can’t believe how quickly these years have passed. I like to think that writing this blog has not only allowed my friends and family to learn more about my life in France, but has also helped me to improve my writing, my photography and my tutorials.

So just what is Callaloo Soup? Those of you in the Caribbean or in some way associated with that part of the world need no explanation I’m sure. For all my other readers however I should probably explain.

CallalooCallaloo is the familiar name for the large, heart shaped leaves of the root vegetable known as dasheen or taro or malanga. When cooked, it has a consistency similar to spinach, and is just as nutritious. Callaloo Soup is a rich chunky soup made from a base of callaloo leaves, and containing a selection of root vegetables (dasheen, tania, yam, sweet potaoes, green bananas), salted pork, coconut milk, spices and stiff & sticky dumplings. This is why for the longest time the catch line of the blog was: a little bit of everything.

Ironically, as a child growing up in Grenada I didn’t even like this soup, I had to be forced to eat it, the only part I enjoyed were those stiff & sticky dumplings. Now when I do get the chance to eat it I lick the bowl. Once I started living outside of the Caribbean, Callaloo Soup became a symbol to me of everything Caribbean, everything Grenadian, everything that said home. It was the perfect name for my blog, and then my business.

So what else is Callaloo Soup? A place for me to write my thoughts. A place for me to share tips, ideas, photos, and tutorials. Somewhere I can connect with, and help people the world over. A place through which I can make friends. My little spot on the world wide web.