10 June, 2013

5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

FireShot Screen Capture #016 - 'Google' - www_google_fr
1. Introducing Kieran to Where the Wild Things Are
last night, and watching him enjoy today's Google Doodle to celebrate Maurice Sendak's 85th birthday

2. Taking a walk hand in hand with Kieran around the garden, and talking about all the plants that are growing.

Ladybird on Russian Sage at Callaloo Soup_

3. Noticing that my Russian sage will bloom soon, and seeing this Ladybird in its branches.

4. The intermittent sunshine and blue skies (I'll take what I can get!)

5. New "real" books coming in the mail to give me a break from reading on the Kindle.

What's making you happy on this Monday?