11 April, 2014

Happy Awesome Inspiring Fun Good Stuff

Happy Awesome Good Fun Stuff at Callaloo Soup

Today my sweet boy turns five. He has been patiently waiting since January, when his classmates started having their fifth birthdays. Love him so so much. I reprised my balloon streamer birthday morning surprise, and he loved it just as much as last year. And yes, those are the same pyjamas. I think we will retire them this year.

How was your week? What fun, edifying or just plain silly things did you enjoy this week? here are some interesting things I found.

Leo Babauta is the master at making me slow down, take stock and try to improve. Here he writes about becoming a morning person. I’ll be chewing on this for a while and trying to incorporate some of these techniques.

As a low media advocate, this article about why watching TV is better than swiping an iPad confirmed what I feel to be true

These brilliant literary cartoons from Tom Gauld will have you smiling and nodding your head.

New reports suggest that knitting is good for your brain. Join the knitting revolution with me! I still have a giveaway running for a free class from Craftsy.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!