24 October, 2014

Welcome to the New Callaloo Soup

Hello! Welcome to my new digs! I’m so happy today to finally unveil the new Callaloo Soup. And almost 9 years to the day that I started blogging too! When I made the move over to WordPress, I made one major change. I split my old blog into two sections for more clarity. If you’re here for the crafts, scrapbooking, DIYs and bullet journaling, then head over to the Organised Crafterbrain. If you’re here to read about daily life, life in France and see photos, then the Blog section is for you. If you’re here for both, sweet! Can we be BFFs? The home page is where you will find links to all the parts of Callaloo Soup: the blog, the crafts and my shops, and will act as the hub of the site.

November Slow Reading at Callaloo Soup

To coincide with the launch of the new site, I am launching a project that is dear to my heart: slow reading. I have read a number of articles of late that confirm the importance of continuing to read books and articles on real, actual paper; and since I could feel myself drifting into being more of a Kindle reader, I am recommitting to reading a paper book for at least 30 minutes every day. Won’t you join me?

Once again, welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy the new space. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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