24 November, 2015

My 5 Intentions for a Meaningful Christmas

After posting about ways to have a slow Christmas last year, this year I am way ahead of the game and not panicking at all. In fact here’s a list of things currently running through my mind:

  • It’s November 24th and I am completely calm about the Christmas season ahead. Looks like working on slowing things down last year really helped, and carried forward to 2015!
  • I’m on track to get the bulk of my work done by November 30th so that December can truly be about Christmas.
  • Christmas gift planning is almost done, and most supplies for gift making have been acquired. I might actually not be burning the midnight oil on December 23rd this year!
  • I’m already pretty close to my One Little Word for 2016
  • I’m even thinking about what personal and work projects I want to take on next year

I’m hoping that the other shoe won’t be dropping anytime soon, but luckily I have a way to combat any ensuing panic: my 5 Intentions for a Meaningful Christmas

My Intentions for a Meaningful Christmas

They are:

  1. Letting go of the need to control everything – especially related to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (We spend these days with my in-laws so this one is critical to a serene visit)
  2. Sticking to the budget (and trying to be way under) no matter what
  3. Slowing down and enjoying the small quiet moments
  4. Not comparing our Christmas decor/celebrations/gifts to others’ – especially strangers online
  5. Teaching Kieran about the true spirit of the season

I made sure to set these intentions first, before doing anything else related to my Christmas planning. The worksheet you see above is the very first page of my printable Mindful Christmas Planner.

So if (when) panic ensues in the upcoming weeks, I can refer to this list refocus on what’s most important, and get back to what’s meaningful.

What are you doing to make the Holidays less crazy this year?