8 March, 2016

146 Books Every Woman Should Read (And 80 They Shouldn’t)

146 Books Every Woman Should read - Callaloo Soup - International Women's Day

Please be aware that this post is very tongue-in-cheek. I’m not usually a fan of book lists like this, since I don’t think that what we read should be determined by our gender.

But because it’s the International Day of Women, I thought it would be a good idea to have a discussion about some of the great books out there that we as women can enjoy and learn from.

I tried coming up with my own list, but the list started to get so long that I gave up – I pretty much wanted to recommend every book I have ever enjoyed! I decided instead that I’d link up some book lists that already do this. Don’t reinvent the wheel right? There are lots of websites out there that enjoy pontificating on these issues, so I figured I might as well profit from that.

21 Books from the Last Five Years Every Woman Should read

I’ve read three from this list, and have eight lined up for reading this year.

75 Books Every Woman Should Read (Goodreads)

My grand total from this bookshelf at Goodreads is 33, and I see quite a few I will be adding to my list. I feel like this one deserves a printable checklist for my planner. I’ll have to work on that!

28 Life Changing Books

My total from this list is nine. Some appear on the other two lists. Perhaps I should point out that the grand total of books from these lists is actually less than 146 since there are repeats.

10 Books Every Woman Should Read at Least Once

I’m 7/10 on this list! Quite a few of my favourite classics are listed here.

Erica Jong Recommends Six Books

I’m a big fan of Erica Jong so this list had to be included. I’ve only read one: Jane Eyre, and I have The Bell Jar lined up for this year. I’ll be definitely saving the rest of her list for future reference.

10 Books Every Women Should Read

I have a love/hate relationship with Babble, so I was surprised to find myself agreeing with this list. In fact I have read half of the books selected!

To finish off how about books out there that women shouldn’t read? While I stand by what I said about gender above, I found that this article made me think.

So what say you? Do you think there are certain books women should read? Or not read?





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