31 January, 2019

between the pages of books

i mentioned being determined to read more this year, and one month in i am definitely doing that and hit my target of five books read. how you ask? by being more mindful and doing the following things

  1. watching less TV, Netflix specifically. i know this was my downfall last year, so i am being very careful to not do any late night binge watching. instead i am reading before bed: this is also helping me sleep better
  2. i decided to follow a number of reading challenges this year, to get me more interested in a variety of books. this is helping a lot because i am motivated by checking things off lists. of course there is my own Rory Gilmore club, but i am also following the bloom where you are planted challenge, the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge, the Unread Bookshelf Challenge and the Beat the Backlist Challenge. i’m considering adding the Pop Sugar challenge to the list too. i don’t plan to check everything off all those lists, but it helps me to find and decide on what to read next to keep things going
  3. tracking my reading on Goodreads and in my bullet journal. i have even set up a tracker in my bujo to keep an eye on how much TV watching I am doing compared to when i read. i am aiming for one hour of reading a day to hit my goal – which according to this online calculator is perfect

4. joining in read alongs. In february i’ll be joining my friend Didi for her read along of Unforgiveable Love for Black History Month. Stephanie from blooom where you’re planted is also planning some read alongs this year, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for those.

so just what did I read in january?

there are a couple really big ones in there, so my thought is if i keep up this pace I will read more books per month going forward.

how did your 2019 in books start? are you doing challenges and tracking your reading?