8 April, 2019

a seasonal shift

there’s something about it being spring, with lots of sunshine and flowers that that makes me creatively motivated. because of this i am taking part in lots of challenges and creative projects this month!

i mentioned the Get Unstuck class at Creativebug, but i am also doing The 100 Day Project, the April Love photo challenge with Susannah Conway, and blogging every day in April with Effy Wild (in case you’ve been wondering about the sudden uptick of activity around these parts).

Amazingly, I don’t even feel pressured about any of this (yet). it helps that i have two weeks vacation coming up, plus my teaching contract ends april 30th, so i am feeling quite the abundance of time right now.

here are some of my photos from April Love so far. if you like you can follow along on instagram.

do you find that you are more or less creative depending on the season? i definitely struggle in the colder, darker months, all i seem to want to do then is eat and sleep! spring is definitely my most creative time, in summer when it’s hot i tend to be quite lazy, plus it’s usually when we travel.

how does it work for you?