3 December, 2019

my 2019 book log

it doesn’t look like i will be meeting my goal of 60 books for 2019, and that’s okay. i’m currently at 38, which is already three times as many as i read last year. i would like to hit 50, but that would mean reading 12 books this month, and with everything else going on…… it just ain’t gonna happen. But I’m sticking to my plan to cut out tv binging, and read more every night.

i was asked on instagram how i am keeping track of books read, and the answer is a completely simple list in my bullet journal.

i list the title, genre, number of pages, and a star rating. i also eventually add them to goodreads, but usually this is where i record first.

i also keep track of any challenges that i’m doing. those tend to be a bit more artsy, and not updated as regularly.

how do you (or do you) track your reading?