30 December, 2020

my 2021 reading challenge inspired by hamilton the musical

y’all as soon as i heard that disney+ would be streaming hamilton the musical, i got excited because so many of my US based friends have been raving about it for years. honestly, i was skeptical that it would live up to the hype, you know how these things go, people hype up books, movies or TV shows, and when you finally watch it you’re like “meh”.

this was not the case for me and hamilton. i am now a woman obsessed. i cannot get enough of tis amazing production! i listen to the original broadway cast album almost daily, and i have now watched the theatre production four times. i’m thinking about watching it again today…. my son shares the love for it as well, just this morning we were exchanging text messages of lines form the songs. he knows a large majority of them by heat already.

all this to say that when i was trying to figure out what to use to come up with prompts for my very first reading challenge, hamilton was like the perfect inspiration. it is such a deep and rich work, and i have been so inspired by everything to do with it. so here it is!

the sister reads reading challenge for 2021!

i’m seriously excited by this! i hope you are too. I’ve designed a free printable to go along with it. You can download it in the Sister Reads Group. Just check the Files section.