1 April, 2021


Two years ago today, I posted a round up of activities from March 2019, the majority of which were from outdoors. Life looks very different now, and all I can say is that thanks to the last year I have become even more of a homebody than I was before.

As the consummate introvert, I confess that pandemic living isn’t as hard on me as I know it can be for some of you, but after an entire year, even I feel the itch of doing more. France has just gone into its third lockdown however, so I will be once again embracing the homebody identity. Over the last year I have discovered that art and creativity are what keep me sane. I have always loved making, but having the time to truly explore has taken it to another level.

The past two months have been particularly filled with arts and crafts as I took on a number of creative challenges. Here’s what it looks like in my creative world.

Of course, another large part of my homebody identity is books! And just hanging out in my space.

How has the past year been for you? Are you revelling in the homebody aesthetic, or at least trying to accept it? Or are you raring at the gate?