2 April, 2021

This Month

This is the post I should have written yesterday but didn’t. Just a list of what my plans are for April.

It’s Poetry Month, so I have signed up to receive a poem a day at Poets.Org, and plan to write a poem or a verse out into a pretty notebook daily.

I am continuing with the 100 Day Project, even though I have become unmotivated of late.

I will be committing to working in my sketchbook daily, after having had a blast during the Sketchbook Revival the last two weeks in March. I am mostly focused on developing an observational nature sketchbook project after being fired up by John Muir Laws.

I will be posting daily photos on Instagram for April Love with Susannah Conway

And blogging every day in April along with Effy Wild.

April was supposed to be a calm month!