1 May, 2013

En mai fais ce qui te plaît | Welcome May

Happy May Day!

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-9

In France there's an expression

En avril
Ne te découvre pas d'un fil
En mai
Fais ce qu'il te plaît

which basically means that in April you shouldn't pack away the winter clothes yet (literally don't remove even one thread from your clothes), but in May you can do whatever you like!

This morning it sure looked like the May portion of the saying wouldn't be coming true. We've been suffering about a week of grey, wet and extremely chilly weather, with a sudden thunder and lightening storm this morning. During lunch however we noticed that we could see bits of blue sky, and by the time we were through eating, the sky was completely clear, and the sun was shining brightly!

Kieran didn't need any encouragement to finally get out of his pyjamas, and we all headed out to enjoy the garden. Our plants seem to be the only ones who enjoyed the wet week, because everything is really green and blooming.

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-1

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-1

The seedlings are popping up, and the lettuce plants are growing.

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-4

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-5

We're hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes, and we are trying some companion planting too. Basil and marigolds in between the tomato plants.

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-6

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-4

The berry bushes are not only blooming, we even have tiny green red and black currants already!

The potted plants are happy on the patio:

May Day at Callaloo Soup Blog-2

See that avocado tree to the left? It's this one we grew from a seed back in 2008!

We were able to get some more planting done, as well as clearing up a bit outside, and making that patio nicer for dining al fresco.

Crossing my fingers that all will be sunny and bright from here on out!