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Magic Seeds by V S Naipaul in a rose garden

spring is close. i can feel it. i was out briefly in the sun today and it already feels different to winter sun. so i am dreaming. of the veggie garden of my flower garden birthday parties with lots of kids grilling everything dining alfresco leisurely afternoons with friends walks […]

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our summer vacation was epic

the just over two weeks we spent in the US in august were amazing! the time was definitely too short, but we packed a lot in. We hung out with family made new friends visited new york, baltimore and boston found time for bookish pursuits and ate tons of good […]

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garden update

so we got the first flower bed in. i’m so excited. I’ll have two rows each of annuals and perennials. the second bed is scheduled to go in next weekend, and I’ll use it for all my bulb plants. i also need to find some grasses and other greenery for […]

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has anyone seen the other side of these earrings? just asking on the off chance. since lost socks turn up again as extra container lids, maybe lost earrings turn up somewhere too? i wonder what they would turn up as? butterflies? uniorns? a ray of sunshine? a pretty pink flower? […]

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flowers everywhere

so excited to start work on my flower garden again! we went plant shopping today, and it’s one of my favourite days of the entire year. this is just one of the many greenhouses at our favourite plant nursery. there were two i didn’t even get a chance to go […]

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cats, cats, cats

(don’t say i didn’t warn you). these two furry monsters are everywhere. they love sunspots, and comfy nooks and crannies. they also beg shamelessly for hugs and kisses. they are my furry purry companions. the house would seem empty without them!

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