15 January, 2014

A Year of Wednesdays at Home

When you move to a foreign country, there are things you don’t think about, like, the keyboards being set up differently, or the fact that there is no school on Wednesdays. I quickly got used to the former, but the latter one stumped me for years, even before having a kid. What on earth were they thinking? How could that possibly benefit anyone? How do the parents do it??

Once Kieran started school in 2012 though I had to get with the program. I admit I whined about it a bit, anticipating that a break in my work week would not have a positive effect on this scatter-brained mama. Also, what would I do with him all day long? (As though I hadn’t just spent 3 years with him at home).

In late 2012 I finally got myself a smart phone and the first app I downloaded was Instagram. Shortly after, I started taking photos of Kieran and I as we went through our days together, and it wasn’t long before I had a revelation: this is awesome! This midweek break allowed us to reconnect and recharge for the rest of the week ahead. Not to mention it was like an English immersion day to combat the four days when he heard mostly French spoken.

Looking through my Instagram feed of those photos is like a visual gratitude journal. I think it was Sarah Ban Breathnach, in her book Simple Abundance who first put out this idea of writing down five things you’re grateful for every day. I know that my friend Karen also talks about this, and takes it even further with a photographic gratitude practice like NaPhoPoMo last November.

Our photos from Wednesday have also been fodder for numerous scrapbook pages like this one

Sister Sketch - Upside Down at Callaloo Soup

and this one

Inspired Fridays - Work is Play at Callaloo Soup-1

I truly cherish those days Kieran and I spend together, and credit it mostly for the strong connection we have. We rarely do anything fancy, we mostly stick to home.


We work on chores, and might run errands, but I pretty much just let him choose the direction for the day. While I might gather ideas for arts and crafts activities, he spends most of his time in free, self-directed play. Be it making music in his room


building and playing with trains or blocks



or reading


We do a lot of baking together too


It’s been a glorious year. And in September things are changing, and there will be school on Wednesdays, so my plan for the next six months is to make the most of these precious moments. You can check in on us over at Instagram.