19 May, 2014

We Took a Vacation. And it Was Awesome

This may sound crazy, but 10 days ago we took our very first family vacation. I mean we’ve gone on trips together before, but never one where it was just us three in a new city, with no friends or family involved. And boy, was it awesome (Friends and family, we love you, but we also need time alone).

May 2014 Vacation Day 2-3

It meant that we could plan outings and activities that were in line with Kieran’s interests and abilities, appealed to the two adults, while also respecting his routines and need for a full night’s sleep.

May 2014 Vacation Day 1-5

Les écluses (locks) at Canal du Midi

May 2014 Vacation Day 1-2

We ate out a couple times, but had picnic lunches every day which simplified the daily flow.

We spent one glorious day at the beach. Thank you Mother Nature for the splendid weather over the four days!

May 2014 Vacation Day 2-9
May 2014 Vacation Day 2-9
May 2014 Vacation Day 2-9
May 2014 Vacation Day 2-9

Everyone loves toys, so the Toy Museum in Pezenas was spot on

May 2014 Vacation Day 3-8
May 2014 Vacation Day 3-8

Kieran loves the ponies. Chocolat did not disappoint.

May 2014 Vacation Day 3-21

And of course we did some shopping. No silly, not boutiques: goodies for the pantry!

May 2014 Vacation Day 3-22

With a longish day in the car we decompressed at the playground before dinner

May 2014 Vacation Day 3-24

Our last day meant a quick trip to another beach in Sète

May 2014 Vacation Day 4-5

and a visit to honour Georges Brassens

May 2014 Vacation Day 4-10

We did so much in four days! Kieran was a joy to travel with: patient, no tantrums whatsoever, open to new experiences, inquisitive and able to keep himself entertained in the car without needing any distractions (no DVD players for us!). He looked at the traffic, pointed out all the kinds of vehicles, kept an eye out for passing trains, sung songs, asked tons of questions, even when stuck on the highway on the way home with all the other people heading back north.

Needless to say, we are already planning what the next trip will be!


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