24 June, 2014

8 Books| Have read, about to read

Have Read, About to read - 8 books - Callaloo Soup

I’m a voracious reader. Always have been. As a child my family knew to mainly give me books for gifts. Sometimes my cousins would even use books to bribe me to get to play games with them! My reading dropped off in the early years with Kieran, but over the last few years I have picked back up my favourite pasttime.

Last year I signed up for the Goodreads challenge for the first time and met my total of 52 books. This year, I upped the ante to 60. So far I am 26 books in, which means I need to read 4 more by next Monday! I’m sure I will do lots of catching up during the summer though.

I am doing a bulk of my reading on my Kindle (I know!), but I really try to mix in paper books as well, because I do so miss the feeling of turning pages. And the paper smell. And the heft of a good book. Sigh.

That stack above are some of the “real books” I’ve read recently.

The Book Thief

I was entranced by this book. It took me a while to get used to the writing style, which was admittedly strange, but once I got the flow of it I raced through it.

This I Know

I love Susannah Conway’s blog and newlsetter. They are like breaths of fresh air, so I knew her book was a must read. I was not disappointed.

A Tale for the Time Being

Another one that entranced me. It was like a literary version of a time travel tale. Throw in tsumanis, buddhism and quantum physics, and I was hooked!


Susan Cain’s book helped me to realise that I was not in fact anti-social or boring, but just and introvert with little patience for small talk, and the need for time alone to recharge my energy. It explained many things. like why parenting my very easy-going kid is still exhausting for me. A definite must-read, whichever part of the introvert-extravert spectrum you fall.

A Casual Vacancy

I know many people were disappointed with this book, I think because they were expecting a Harry Potter for grown-ups, but I quite enjoyed it. It proved for sure that J.K Rowling can write! Maybe it helped that I grew up reading many books by British authors?

I’m back to reading on my Kindle right now, but I have threse three paper books lined up for the future.

Have Read, About to read - 8 books - Callaloo Soup-2

We Were Liars

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Everybody’s Got Something

I’ll be sure to post a review once done!