10 November, 2015

7 Ways to Find Serenity Now

7 Ways To Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup Creative Simplicity

There’s something about the last few months of the year that gets us in a panic isn’t there? Maybe because we’re thinking about all the goals and plans that we have yet to accomplish before December 31st. Add to that the impending holiday season, and people simply lose their minds! Here are a few ways I’ve found that help me to calm the heck down, and re-center myself.

Make a “Did it” List

Forget all the things you didn’t do. Take a look at all you’ve accomplished so far this year! Sit and make a list of everything you’ve done this year. You’ll probably be amazed, plus more motivated to finish up a few more things. It will also help you gain perspective on how much you actually can accomplish, before you start goal setting for the new year.

Go For a Walk

Take a Walk - 7 Ways to Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup

There’s nothing like getting out in nature with some fresh air to clear your head and gain some perspective. Because most days I walk to pick up Kieran from school, I have this built in. It’s a fantastic way for me to reflect on what I’ve done that day, plus clear out my head. By the time I get to the school I am ready to be in mama mode! On the days, I don\t make this walk, I try to get out if even for 10 minutes after I have my lunch. *Weather permitting of course!)

Doodle or Colour

Doodle or colour - 7 Ways to Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup

When I need a moment of zen a spot of doodling or colouring really works. Colouring books for adults are all the rage now, and for good reason! Our kids have it right, colouring is fun, artistic and relaxing.

Grab a Good Book & a Beverage

Books and Magazines - & Ways to Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup

Do I need to say more? Yes? Okay. Nothing beats a good book and a hot beverage. Oh and if you’re me make mine a paper book please. A magazine, especially one that doesn’t require deep thinking, works well too.


Do a Brain Dump

Clear Your Mind With a Brain Dump- Callaloo Soup

If it really feels like my thoughts are taking over my head, I sit and do a good brain dump, where I furiously write everything I’m thinking of on a piece of paper, then go through and schedule all my to-dos in my planners. Not sure how to do a brain dump? I can help!

Work on a Craft Project – Just Cuz

Crafting - & Ways to Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup

Making something just for the sake of making it, not because you need said item, or it’s a project to post on your blog, can have such a calming effect. The simple act of making, especially if you’re just playing with ideas, leads to instant serenity.

Cook Something from Scratch

Cook something from scratch - 7 Ways to Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup

Even a simple omelette qualifies. Take a real break for lunch, and in about 20 minutes you’ll have a delicious and healthy meal. We tend to keep ours simple, adding in some grated Comte cheese for a bit of a savoury kick.

De-clutter a surface, corner or closet

Declutter a spot - 7 Ways to Find Serenity Now - Callaloo Soup

Clutter is visual noise to me. When it feels like objects are screaming at me. I take 10 minutes to clear off the most offensive surface (usually my desk). I’m not a naturally neat person, it’s a real struggle for me to stay on top of messes. But I always feel a million times better when I do! it’s like clearing the visual space around me, also clears now mind.

What are some ways you use to get serenity now?



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