Creative Simplicity


I started my One Hundred Day Project of Watercolour Ladies full of enthusiasm. I was excited about learning more about watercolour and portraits. 45 or so days into my project I was unmotivated and struggling to continue. It just wasn’t as much fun as I expected it to be. While […]

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the roaring 20s

my 20 in 2020 project is off to a great start! the crafty and reading parts are pretty much a no-brainer, but I’m happy to say that I have also started on my 20 loaves of bread, and 20 DSLR photos a month. my first loaf was a quick sour […]

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a seasonal shift

there’s something about it being spring, with lots of sunshine and flowers that that makes me creatively motivated. because of this i am taking part in lots of challenges and creative projects this month! i mentioned the Get Unstuck class at Creativebug, but i am also doing The 100 Day […]

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a short photo walk

i’m following along with Danielle Krysa in her getting unstuck class at Creativebug, and the prompt for the first day was to take a photo walk while looking for five things: circle blue pattern simple old here’s what I found! the prompts really made me pay attention to what i […]

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5 Male Instagrammers to Follow

I’ve posted twice before about some of my favourite Instagram accounts (here and here), but they were exclusively female. This time let’s turn our attention to the fellas! There are lots of inspiring males using Instagram too. Here are five of my favourites. Matt Crump Matt Crump is the founder […]

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