24 May, 2016

6 Great Reads about Self- Care

Self-care is a big topic for women these days and with good reason! With all our varied responsibilities, we need to take some time out to treat ourselves right. We can\t care for others if our own wells are dry right?

That’s why every Monday I encourage the lovely creative ladies in the Creative Simplicity group to take a moment to think about how they will work in self-care moments in the week ahead.

I post this on Mondays, because it’s the day most of us tend to make our plan for the week, and it’s a good time to also plan those precious moments of me-time.

Self-care has certainly helped me combat fatigue and overwhelm, and if you haven’t taken a serious look yet at how it can help you, I invite you to read these six articles which will definitely give you a jumping off point.

Free Yourself from Overwhelm

Tips from 16 self-care experts

10 Simple Things to be Happier at Home

Working With Energy Containers

How Not to Do it All

The Art of Radical Self-Care

And please come over to join us in the group on Facebook. We have a wonderful, creative and affirming time there.

What are your self-care plans this week?