14 November, 2019

a week of instantpot meals

InstantPot Duo

we’ve had an instantpot for about three years now, and believe me it is worth all the hype you may have heard about it. it’s one of our most used appliances, it’s in service at least a couple times a week. so i thought i’d share seven of our favourite meals with you, so you’d have a week’s worth of quick and delicious ideas!

broccoli cheddar soup

it’s soup season, and this one can be on the table in under 30 minutes! perfect for those last fall evenings when you’re returning home from sports practice.

moroccan sticky chicken

this one is in our meal plan this week and takes less than an hour total cook time. this one has a few different steps, but it is so worth it. serve with couscous and green beans!

instant pot ribs

every time my husband sees ribs at the supermarket (they aren’t that common here) he buys them and I make these. so freaking good, and quick and easy to prepare when you crave bbq but don’t want to fire up the grill.

penne puttanesca

i was unconvinced about pasta in the instantpot until i tried this recipe. another quick, easy, and delicious option for week night dinners. this one should be on the table in about 30 minutes!

indian butter chicken

my son keeps asking me to make this, and if you knew how picky an eater he was just one year ago, that should convince you how great the instantpot is! i come from a curry loving west indian culture, so when i tell you this is good, it’s not a joke.

award winning chili

even without using all the ingredients specified in the original recipe, this is a winner for us! i already had a favourite slow cooker chili recipe, but this one beat it hands down. and it’s so quick!

sweet potato curry

i adapted this one to make veggie curry just this week and it was a big hit. the 10 year old cleaned his plate and asked for seconds! i added sweet peppers that i sauteed with the onions, and threw in a can of chick peas too. then upped the time to 5 minutes on high. perfection!

do you have an instantpot? what are your favourite things to make?